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You gotta admit, this is pretty cool

I want to point something out here.

Zuko and Katara are not Yin and Yang.  Aang and Toph are not Yin and Yang.  Yin and Yang is not direct opposites.

Yin and Yang is used to describe how opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

Shippers like to take the yin and yang concept and twist it to fit their agenda.  When Avatar The Last Airbender brought up Yin and Yang, what was it?  Right the moon and the ocean.  Two forces of nature that while contrary forces are still interdependent forces.  They need each other for balances.

Yin and Yang are not strictly used for the sake of romance.  Some stories, it is used for obvious ship teasing purposes, but Avatar The Last Airbender is not one of them.

The two characters who embody that far better than anyone is Zuko and Aang.  Two very different and contrary characters, yet two characters who balance and compliment each other.

They have different personalities and yet serve as perfect foils.  They both mirror each other and contradict each other.  They are opposing forces that interdependent on one another.  Fire and Air fits that far better.  

While with different backstories and personalities and choices, they still parallel one another, they still balance each other.

To me this gifset really showcases that.  They come from two different worlds, with different ideologies.  They are foils in every respect, Aang fights more defensively, while Zuko more offensively, and they use their powers to battle each other as such.  Zuko’s darker colors contrasts Aang’s brighter color scheme in their designs.  Zuko is older than Aang obviously.  But despite their many obvious differences, they still are forces that while not knowing it at the time, bring balance with each other.  

Their friendship is of a Yin and Yang kind.  They’re similarities and differences were my favorite parts of the show sometimes.  I loved how they both contradicted yet balanced each other.  They formed an unlikely friendship because of those two key factors, their differences and similarities.

short version: screw what fangirls say these two are the real yin and yang of atla and I aggressively love this brotp, kthnx bai.

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This is in our computer lab in the library
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This is in our computer lab in the library

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"Accepting that bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation is the same as accepting people for who they say they are, even if it goes beyond what you can understand. To deny the legitimacy of bisexuality because it is outside of our own comprehension is no better than the attitude of the many people who have dismissed homosexuality as being nothing more than a phase, a mental illness, or something that can be fixed.

As gay men and women, we do not allow anyone to deny the legitimacy or authenticity of who we are. We are a culture forged in the steadfast belief that we, as people, were born this way. In spite of the many well-organized efforts to dismiss the validity of our sexuality, we stuck to what we knew was true in our gut. So to casually dismiss bisexuals as either confused straight people or homos in hiding goes directly against the logic that we demand heterosexual naysayers to adopt."
A Second Look At Bisexuality, Tyler Curry for The Advocate (via silverstags)
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i live in constant struggle between “you’re wrong” and “but i don’t want to start shit”

My everyday non-confrontational dilemma.

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That physicality of the costume, how does that come into your performance?

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Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye- Western Scotland

holy shit

As if I needed more convincing to go to Scotland 

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from James Young’s Twitter
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from James Young’s Twitter

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erik shows up 15 minutes late with a sports stadium

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Working out and working as an actor have gone hand in hand. I always feel more prepared if I know I have done a workout. It gives me confidence and peace of mind - Sebastian 

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